10 Tips to a LEANER you

1.    Get a good understanding of energy needs and EDUCATE yourself on macronutrients. 

2.    Don’t miss breakfast. Breakfast = Breaking the Fast. Your body hasn’t had nutrients since the night before, kick start your day and metabolism with a nutritious meal within an hour of waking. 

3.    Don’t ditch the carbs. Carbs are important for cognitive function, productivity, metabolism and more. Simply cutting them out is not what you want. Have a sensible amount with your set meals. 

4.    Protein Power: Protein sources such as chicken, salmon, eggs, whey, etc should be the major component of most meals. 

5.    Keep the fluids coming, aim to consume a minimum of 2 litres of water a day. Not including exercise intake.

6.    Preparation is important; if you lead a busy lifestyle ensure you prep good, nutritious meals. Finding good food on the road can be tough. PREP, PREP, PREP. 

7.    Fats don’t make you fat. Healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, nuts and oily fish are crucial for cognition, growth, immunity, etc. Add a palm size to main meals. 

8.    Ditch the liquid carbs; high sugar fruit juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol easily stack up the daily calories. Ditch them for more nutrient dense “real” foods. 

9.    Post workout nutrition. Aim to consume a high protein meal within an hour of completing a workout, an easy way to achieve this is to have a protein smoothie after workouts. This will aid muscle protein synthesis and therefore improve body composition. 10.    Stay active, keep caloric spend high by staying active, if you have a desk job, try have breaks were you walk around a little, or walk to work or ditch the lift and always use the stairs.

Bonus Tip: The main factor when it comes to achieving the physique you want is consistency. What you do “most” of the time is what counts, not what you do sometimes.


Sam Silvermere Fitness