No Pain, No Champagne

So we are in the heart of Surrey, the land of opportunity, and of course, champagne!

Celebrations and commiserations seem to be happening every day and the temptation to turn to treats or alcohol can be at the forefront of your mind.

It’s at this stage that you need to say STOP.

Just a quick break down of why high sugar, high fat or alcohol can be BAD for your GAINZ, on a regular basis…

·      Insulin spikes from sugar can cause rapid fat storage!

·      Fats have over two times the amount of calories than carbs!

·      Alcohol is high in calories, and the body cannot utilize them whatsoever!

Now, to set the record straight, we are NOT against carbs or calories, these are also the things that will give you the body you have always dreamed of.

But, this needs to be part of a well-structured diet that compliments your energy needs and goals.

So lets address the following million dollar questions….

·      How often can I drink?

·      How often can I have a ‘cheat meal’?


Or alternatively think about it like this…

·      Are you any CLOSER to achieving your dream body?

·      Are you prepared to ADAPT your current lifestyle to appropriately suit your goals?


Your lifestyle will reflect your physique….so, when dreaming of a lushes beach body, more abs than you can count on one hand and glutes as hard as coconuts, consider your choice when ‘out’ and about.


Now in the above questions I have highlighted the words CLOSER and ADAPT. The social element of life is extremely important to your motivation and mental health when under an intense training routine.

Therefor, planning for potential nutritional failures (social events) sets you up nicely for success.

6 ways to behave yourself on a night out…



·      Always choose a meat/fish and veg option in the restaurant.

·      Drink alcohol that compliments your food – quality not quantity.

·      Use seasonings and spices to flavour your food, not sauces.



·      Eat a healthy planned meal before you go out.

·      Set yourself a maximum number of drinks.

·      Use diet sodas as appose to sugary alternative.

·      Drink plenty of water before, during and after your evening.


If you are committed to long term adaption, behave more than you misbehave, your goals of losing body fat, increasing strength, improving muscle, will be realized much quicker.




Written By Sam Stone.