The Power of Protein

If you had asked for the image that sprung to mind alongside the word “protein” 20 years ago. Spit and sawdust gyms, muscle heads and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the images that jumped out. Nowadays, every day mums and dads, weekend warriors and avid gym goers understand the power of protein in the diet.

Protein is the power house of nutrition. It is used to develop and build bones, nails, skin, hair and most importantly muscle tissue. Protein is also vitally important in non athletic based functions such as brain function, anti-ageing, sleep and hormone balance. Who would have thought munching on lean steak, salmon and whey protein can help revert the effects of ageing, improve our mood and possibly even improve our performance in the bedroom ;-).

The process of which receives the most amount of attention is that of proteins role in Body Composition. In layman’s terms “How protein effects how much muscle and how much fat we store, therefore effecting our “AESTHETICS.

The need for adequate protein intake in our every day is widely understand. However, there is still a significant amount of confusion surrounding the quantities’, types and sources of protein in everyday life.

Check out this graphic explaining the protein content of everyday foods: ->>