The Low Down On Hydration..


Everyone knows that drinking enough water is important but on reflection most don’t drink enough.

 The human body is approximately 60% water and our blood is 90% water, so it makes so much sense to try and keep yourself topped up every day.

 At an absolute minimum you should aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day.


Dehydration can lead to a load of nasty symptoms like headaches, dry skin, slowed weight loss, dizziness, hunger, lack of concentration amongst a load of others. It can also lead to mess around with your bodies ability to control your temperature which increases fatigue, making exercise feel more difficult, physically and mentally.


Benefits of drinking the good stuff “water”:

-       Increased concentration

-       Boosts performance during exercise

-       Essential for bodily functions such as digestion (regular bowel movements), blood flow, to flush out waste and to maintain our body temperature

-       Lubricates our joints

-       Supports weight loss

-       Reduces the chances of a hangover


Bonus fact: statistics from the University of Connecticut found that people completed 17% more reps when they were well hydrated…


Are you hydrated enough?

-       Monitor your urine, how often you go?  What colour is your urine? Dark yellow – amber = dehydrated, pale yellow – Clear = hydrated.

-       Are you thirsty? You are probably already a little bit dehydrated.

-       Pinch your skin on your lower abdomen or lower arm, if it snaps back to its original state – you are hydrated, if not, grab a drink of water.

-       Fresh breath means you are producing enough saliva to fight off bacteria that can cause bad breath


Top tips to keep hydrated:

-       Carry a refillable bottle with you at all times

-       Set a reminder on your phone every 30 minutes to take a few sips

-       Add zero calorie flavours to your water such as herbal tea, sliced up fruit (e.g. lemons and limes) or sugar free squash

Stay hydrated xx 

Written By Charlotte Franks (2019, ©).

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