Small Group Fitness & Why it's So Damn Good

Small Group Personal Training: 



Pumped up gym devotees thrashing weights around with a blaring drum and base mix pulsating through maxed out speakers. Something that may spring to mind when “group training” is mentioned. However, group training is now growing fast in popularity across the country, as a way to improve physical fitness as well as psychological and social support and therefore having positive overall health benefits.


Ever found yourself venturing into the land of overly spacious and vastly equipped gyms, where personal trainers are experimenting with their newest Instagram material? It can be quite an intimidating, impersonal and unrewarding environment. Small Group training with knowledgeable and motivating coaches will eradicate these experiences, and will encourage you to train with a new-found confidence in the gym! Our small group PT sessions include no more than four people to one coach, sessions are highly personal, meaning movement can be corrected, therefore reducing risk of injury. Whether you aim to move better, build muscle, tone up, lose weight or even just to enjoy exercise again, it is the trainers aims to adjust so that you feel you can get the most out of the sessions.


Studies have suggested that group training can have a positive impact on maintaining motivation for those training, with the aspect of support coming from the other members of the group or gym, and also the trainers. Evidence presented from research suggested that self-efficacy or self-worth, were the key influencers on maintaining and adhering to exercise. Though these thought processes may not be easy to change, by simply being in a group of people an individual may identify similarities with can encourage them to improve their self-efficacy/self-worth. Whether it be by age, size, or physical abilities, a kick-start to improvements of an individual’s self-worth will take place, and therefore, increase the likelihood of maintaining and enjoy exercise sessions.


You will therefore, not only be crossing the path of genuine concerns from your trainers, but also the friends you will make in the sessions and gym environment. With the ever-increasing speed of our lifestyles, it’s becoming a rarity to find ourselves surrounded by people who also take an interest in our own self-improvement and successes.


With all physical, mental and social well-being aspects of health covered, group training really is a good way to begin or adapt your training sessions, to build confidence, maintain motivation and enjoy exercising properly again!


Emma Swords

Silvermere Strength & Fitness