The Rise Of The Squat

The Rise of the Squat

The latest must-have for the female anatomy? The Gym Class Booty. With the Kardashians famously making it an essential accessory to dress up and show off, how you may ask, can you get one? Bulldozing over the tired myth of “weight training is not for women” is the answer.

With people becoming highly in tune with their health and physical appearance it really is time to add weight training to your workouts, providing whole body benefits and avoiding the natural strength and overall muscle loss that occurs with less activity as we age. Behind every strong woman, should be a strong set of glutes and thighs!

Gone are the days of “Cardio Bunnies” and now movements such as squats have taken over in popularity of achieving not only more pleasing aesthetics but also improved functional and pain free movement. Cardio will help lose the stubborn and unwanted fat, however lifting weights will allow for shape and tone to the desired areas of the body. As lifting weight promotes muscle growth, your body’s metabolism will improve and aid in burning more fat. A win-win, a better bum to show off in a smaller sized pair of jeans!

The squat is such a highly praised movement as it provides huge success in improving athletic requirements such as increased running speeds or jumping higher. More importantly, however, as the movement requires whole body activity, the squat will improve performance for every-day activities. With improvements on the components of balance and mobility, these benefits translate into your body moving more efficiently in the real world too.

Research has proven that squatting and weightlifting in general, can have positive effects on, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mental health, joint health and cardiovascular fitness. With women more prone to soft tissue and joint injuries – this type of training should not be avoided in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

With so many derivatives of the squat, it’s hard not to find a variation which will either suit you for any movement limitations you may face or even just to keep you entertained and motivated to achieve your goals. So, with the risk of turning into Schwarzenegger out of your mind, ask your trainers for some advice on how to challenge yourself in the weight room ladies!


Written By Emma Swords @SilvermereFit